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Dog Safety and Bite Prevention

Resources for parents, dog lovers, postmen, and animal trainers. This information could save you or someone you love a trip to the hospital.

Most of these articles focus on what makes dogs bite, how to avoid getting bitten, and what to do if you are attacked by a dog.

Dog Safety Written for children, this article gives a brief explaination of why dogs bite and how to avoid getting bitten. 

DirectStop Animal Deterrent Spray I absolutely cannot say enough good things about this product. It is a painless alternative to pepper spray developed for halting dog attacks that REALLY works! It is also invaluable for breaking up dog fights, protecting your leashed dog from being attacked or harrassed by off-leash bullies, stopping out-of-control dogs who “attack” the front door or fence when someone approaches, and much more. It is completely safe, so it can be given to children walking to work to protect them from loose dogs. It can be used by mail carriers and delivery drivers to defend yourself from dogs without pepper-spraying them and angering the owner. May not stop trained attack dogs or dogs with an abnormally high level of aggression. Try it, this stuff is gold!

Teach Your Kids How to Avoid Dog Bites From the Dog Bite Law website.

Dealing with aggressive dogs Good article on what to do if you’re attacked, how to avoid getting bitten, and how to enter yards and other areas safely. I don’t reccomend the other articles on this page, but this one is excellent.

Dog Bite Quiz A fun, interactive quiz for delivery people and meter readers, courtesy of the US Postal Service. Gives good advice on what to do and what not to do when you encounter dogs on your route.

Your dog could have been killed today. If your dog (or one belonging to a friend or neighbor) runs loose on its property, please take a moment to read this article. It could save a dog’s life.

How to keep your dog off the road: Tips for rural dog owners.

Dog Bite Law Comprehensive site with lots of information.

Bite Busters book, by Sylvia Wilson. How to deal with dog attacks. Why do dogs bite? How can you avoid being bitten? What action should you take if you are attacked? Are some breeds of dog more inclined to attack than others? Presents a direct and workable means of gaining the confidence needed to handle a dog safely, as well as providing realistic support for those people whose job brings them into regular contact with other people’s dogs. Also great for parents, joggers, and anyone else who wants to know how to avoid dog bites.

4 Responses to “Dog Safety and Bite Prevention”

  1. 1
    Diane Says:

    I have a question. I have a 2 and a half year old yorkie poo. He weighs about 28 pounds. He;s adorable, and so sweet, but if he gets something in his mouth, something he has picked up from around the house,or yard, and you try to take it from him, he will bite you. He bit my husband tonight because he had a big wet leaf in his mouth from being out on the patio, and when he tried to take it, he showed his teeth, and bit him. He did this with bones too, and we eliminated them. When we get the newspaper, we call it the smacky pad, and smack him for his behavior, he furiosly attacks trying to bite gain, just from correcting him. We love him, but don’t know how to handle this. We can’t let him take things he shouldn’t have and eat or chew them, but in order to take them, we take the chance of getting bit. Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much

  2. 2
    Bob Says:

    We have the exact same problem. Our Yorkie Poo is smaller (about 15 pounds), but he recently bit our nine year old hard in the upper thigh when she tried to get a sock back from him – broke skin some and made a big bruise. He will only drop things when I (the Dad) sternly commands him to drop. Also, he is overly aggressive when other dogs near our property. Plus he jumps and nips at small children if they are running and playing on our property. We have an electric fence around our property that he has been trained on and he understands and respects the boundary.

    We are now going to work with him with a trainer, which we should have done before.

    I was wondering if you had any update.


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