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23 Sep

Need free dog training advice?

Dog imageThis is a real, non-commercial site filled with free articles written by an expert professional dog trainer. You can learn about obedience training, solving behavior problems, finding the perfect dog training book, clicker training, tips on dog safety and dog bite prevention for both children and adults, advice on choosing a dog trainer, raising puppies, and other useful tips. It also has a section devoted to police and protection dog training.

This page is dedicated to reducing the numbers of dogs euthanized or surrendered to shelters each year due to curable behavior problems, and to improving quality of life for dogs and their families. All of the advice you will find here is free.

Dog behavior problems can be solved, and all it takes is patience, understanding, and an effective training method. This web site is here to help you find the effective training method; you will have to supply the patience and understanding.

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